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High Angle Rigger

Job Overview:

The Rigger is a position responsible for taking and executing orders from the Foreman, engaged in the lifting and moving of materials, and equipment, while utilizing power operated equipment such as hoists, winches, cranes, etc. The Rigger is often expected to work long hours and may be subject to working weekends and holidays, both in town and out of town.

  • Safely and properly attach and utilize all pulley and block systems.

  • Ensure that all machinery is set, aligned, and leveled.

  • Maneuver loads through difficult and confined spaces.

  • Maintain control of loads at all times.

  • Monitor and maintain all rigging equipment to ensure safety.

  • Ensure compliance with all safety rules and regulations.

  • Report all safety concerns/issues to the Foreman immediately.

  • Set up and break down necessary equipment.

  • Work cooperatively with a team to meet requirements.

  • Perform orther duties as assigned. 

Applicants Must:

  • Be comfortable working at heights.

  • Have and maintain a valid driver's license, as well as the ability to arrive at sites independently and on time.

  • Have and maintain a cellphone for communication and scheduling purposes.

  • Provide a 5-year certified driver's abstract upon hiring.

  • Disclose any present or past drug or alcohol dependency or abuse.



Please submit inquiries and/or resumes to

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